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E Cineribus Resurgemus

Vampiric droughts in Dresden
Nervous engagements and haptic departures
Take a moment to consider the comorbidity of congenital nondegenerative ungulate apnea with acute posttraumatic ichthyosis and the conclusion is always the same.
Lagomorph ascension
"rain stimuli" intimate a constructivist or solipsist epistemology
the cosmic convulsions informed by skyspanning lepus
Do not indulge in opiates during sledgehammer eras
inadvertently subject to the Leukocene
null pointer exception
phlebotomised phlogisticated laboratory rodents
urgently require increased caloric pressure in the left ventricle
Cinna banned from exclusive extragalactic trade guild
telephonic sonata
mating hymns of Nondiscrete European Rabbit
IWW penguins up to no good, catalysis of surrogate membrane
release of dolphins into the cerebrospinal fluid
left-wing equines protest wage slavery
manicured psalms, whispering geodesics
swimming in the Rjennelifyr
bask in tedium -- ligaments, undertow (unk.)
and in this eerie postsynaptic world the echoes of a myriad figurative Hadrian's Walls resound across the spare rib wastes of cellulose apartheid
thus in his hoary hairy throat is born the end of time
Nine times out of ten, remember that the paraplegic parasaurolophus is going to be a scripted effigy.
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